Hot Oil Massage

This technique utilizes top quality essential oils warmed up to a temperature slightly higher than body temperature to ease the penetration of nutrients into the skin layers while the massage is activating all the senses.

Shiatsu massage

This technique originally developed in Japan utilizes accupressure nods found all over the skin and includes stretching and it activates physical and mental connection.

Tui na massage

A push and pull chinese technique that reverses mental and physical disharmony into a more harmonious connection felt all over the body and mind.

Thai massage

An amazing body work that comes from the far Orient.It leads to a well balanced mind body and spirit enhancement.

Swedish massage

Soft and topical skin tissue manipulation that evokes all the electrons of the body connectors thus proves a better circulatio throughout.

Deep tissue

Exactly what the name implies but is felt way deep into the muscles and cavities in between.


There are hundreds of pressure points around the outer body system that are each felt deep and reinvigorated to provide a feel of rejuvenation and relaxation especially in the extremities hands and feet.


Essential oils, when lightly warmed up release scents that heal and relaxes. Come and enjoy this amazingly natural and ancient experience used by many cultures.

Hot stone massage

Stones conduct energy by way of natural creation. Special black rock stones will transfer this great energy by way of heat conductivity that will be felt throughout.

Facial massage

Imagine your facial skin being massaged and stretched and nourished via constant slow movements enhanced with top quality oils and creams. By the end of this treatment the youth of your skin will be felt like a healthy shiny reinvigoration.